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This is Why We Go!


This is why we go! To serve others to help them meet their needs, achieve their dreams and to share the love God has for them through His son Jesus Christ! We go to love people where they are and love’em till they ask why! The message below is from Neven Kastmiler, who is the captain and leader of the Sisak Storks. Pay close attention to Neven’s description of the teams attitude toward Jesus.
We will have plenty of Storks playing baseball in heaven!



"Hello my brother, I miss you a lot. We definitely need to spend more time together next year.
Two weeks ago the team building crew was chased of the field by the rain and we ended in our new locker room and we started to talk about you and why are you coming here, then transferred to God and bible and religion in general. You don't have to worry about missing players for playing baseball in heaven forever. Our faith is strong, our hearts are strong and our love is strong. We really do love you. You are shining the light to our path towards God. God bless."



Below is a picture of Neven and his son Leo, the next generation of Sisak Storks! They are wearing this year’s anniversary jersey’s, celebrating 20 years of baseball in Sisak, Croatia!




     Our steps, leaving HiS PRINT
...loving them where they are, 'till they ask WHY!


 Croatia                                                                                     Poland